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Office Information

WVU Extension Service
Nicholas County Office
715 Main Street, Suite 100
Summersville, WV 26651-1431

Phone: 304-872-7898
Fax: 304-872-7895
Driving Directions

Goals, Values, & Dues

2016 County Goals for Nicholas County CEOS Council

1. To carry out the state mission of the Community Educational Outreach Service of strengthening individuals, families, and communities through: Continuing Education,Leadership Development, & Community Service

2. To encourage the County Officers, Educational Committee Chairs and Members to participate in Annual Conference at Jackson’s Mill and other educational opportunities.

CEOS Values The CEOS organization believes these fundamental values are important:
* Strengthen families
* Promote lifelong learning
* Instill honesty, integrity, and respect
* Preserve heritage
* Recognize and respond to diversity
* Be open to change

Membership Dues
State Dues $5.00
County Dues .50
Total Dues $5.50

Membership dues should be paid no later than November 30th for the up-coming year. New members joining after Dec. 1 but before July 1 pay dues for that year. New members joining after July 1but before Nov. 30 dues will be applied to the upcoming year.
50-Year members do not pay Dues.

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